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Man sues California tech company over 2014 firing

In recent years, the loss of a job has impacted an alarming number of people throughout the country. Regrettably, some of them were out of a job because they were wrongfully fired by their employer. From discrimination to participation in a complaint, there are a plethora of reasons why employers unlawfully terminate employees in Palo Alto, and across California.

A man who used to work for a major tech company in California recently filed a wrongful termination suit against the firm. The former employee, whose position was terminated in 2014, also accused the company of favoring women and being biased against him.

California man files wrongful termination suit

The details surrounding wrongful termination cases vary, whether an employer's unlawful behavior only involves one employee or represents a larger problem affecting multiple employees. In Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and other parts of California, some companies have wrongfully fired numerous workers, whether they participated in a whistleblower complaint or were fired because of their race. Whenever an employer unlawfully terminates an employee's position, they must be held responsible.

A California man who lectures at UC Berkeley recently filed a wrongful termination suit against the school. According to the man's complaint, the lecturer had reasonable cause to report violations to his supervisors and he also accused the school of systematically firing certain teachers in a post on his personal website.

A voice for underpaid workers

Unfortunately, many hard-working employees have been subjected to a wide range of violations while simply trying to perform the duties of their job, such as wrongful termination and discrimination. However, hard-working employees who are not paid properly is an especially troubling problem in Santa Clara, and throughout the state of California. At Kastner Kim LLP, our law firm knows all too well how widespread and damaging this issue is and we believe that employers who break the law by failing to pay their employees properly must be held accountable.

Underpaid workers experience a number of wage violations. For example, some are not paid for overtime they were entitled to, while others are paid less than minimum wage. It is also important to remember other violations that may not always receive as much attention, such as employers forcing their employees to work off the clock. Employers cannot legally force employees to work without pay, but it occurs far too often throughout the country and takes many forms. For example, an employer may tell an employee that he or she is required to participate in unpaid training or have employees work from home at night without providing compensation.

California company violated Fair Labor Standards Act

Each day, employers across the nation break laws and treat their employees poorly. Whether they fail to provide workers with benefits they are entitled to, deny breaks in violation of the law or fail to pay employees minimum wage or overtime pay that they deserve, this behavior should never be tolerated. In Palo Alto, and throughout California, employees who have dealt with violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act or any other type of violation should not hesitate to speak out.

A California company that manufactured garments failed to provide employees with overtime pay and abide by minimum wage regulations, according to officials for the U.S. Labor Department. Investigators belonging to the Wage and Hour Division discovered that the manufacturer had violated overtime provisions as well as minimum wage provisions in the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act?

When it comes to retirement, employees often have a number of considerations, such as deciding when to retire and ensuring that they will be financially stable. However, it is important for employees in Santa Clara and across California to plan ahead for their retirement. For some, this may include ensuring that an employment agreement serves their best interests before signing. Also, some employers have taken advantage of their workers by violating the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). As a result, it is crucial for employees to understand what ERISA is and make sure their rights are not violated.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 has set certain standards for a majority of health plans and pension plans in the private sector. For example, ERISA mandates that protected participants be provided with key information regarding their plan (such as funding and different features). Furthermore, plans covered by ERISA are required to set up an appeals process for participants and allow participants to file suit over their benefits or a breach of fiduciary duty. Some plans are not generally covered by ERISA, such as health plans that a government entity or church establishes.

Woman files suit against jewelry company

After losing their job, employees may encounter a myriad of challenges, from financial problems to emotional issues such as depression. Unfortunately, far too many have found themselves in this position after their employer fired them without a valid reason. In Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and every other California city, it is crucial for those who have been unlawfully fired from work to immediately review their options.

A woman who used to work for a jewelry company in Illinois recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer. The woman, who worked as an assistant manager at one of the company's stores, claims that she experienced retaliatory discharge.

Reaching out to employees who have been denied breaks

When it comes to employee rights violations, there are countless offenses that employers commit, from wrongfully terminating an employee's contract to sexual harassment and discrimination. While these are very serious matters, employees in Palo Alto and across California should not overlook other violations that may not always receive as much attention, such as denied breaks. At the law office of Kastner Kim LLP, we believe these violations should never be tolerated and offer support to our clients who have been unlawfully denied breaks.

The laws regarding breaks vary from one state to another, so it is important for you to understand where your state stands. If your employer has violated the law by denying you a break or meal period that you were entitled to, you should address the violation immediately. For some employees, taking legal action against their employer may be necessary. However, it is crucial for people in this position to find an attorney who has a solid understanding of employment law and treats clients properly (replying to calls and emails promptly, etc.). Because these types of cases can be tough to win, having a qualified and knowledgeable legal professional on your side is paramount.

Employees accuse employer of misclassification, file suit

The Fair Labor Standards Act provides employees with a number of protections, such as overtime pay, minimum wage and employment standards for young workers. Unfortunately, some employers violate the FLSA and subject protected workers to unfair and illegal treatment. In Palo Alto, and the rest of California, employees who have experienced FLSA violations (or any other violations of their rights as an employee) should not be afraid to hold their employer accountable.

A number of delivery drivers in Arizona recently sued their employer, who they accuse of misclassification. The workers say that they were wrongfully classified as independent contractors instead of employees and that they deserved overtime pay, reimbursement for vehicle expenses and other protections under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Supporting those who were fired over their age

While there are many reasons that employers decide to terminate an employee's contract, it is essential for workers who were fired illegally to stand up for their rights. For example, some companies lay off employees solely because of their age, leaving workers with a number of problems. In Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and the rest of California, workers who have experienced wrongful termination as a result of age discrimination should not hesitate to hold their former employers accountable. At Kastner Kim LLP, we support people who have endured this unacceptable treatment firsthand.

If you were fired as a result of your age, you may be dealing with a wide variety of challenges. For example, you may be depressed or angry about the unlawful termination of a job you depended on. Also, those who have dealt with a dismissal caused by age discrimination may face financial hardships and be unable to pay their bills or put food on the table for their loved ones. As if these difficulties aren't problematic enough, some are never able to return to their line of work or secure another steady position.

Woman claims to have been illegally fired for whistleblowing

Employees are fired for many reasons, but employers who terminate a worker's position illegally shouldn’t be let off the hook. Whether someone is fired due to discrimination, refusal to break the law or involvement in whistleblowing, people in Santa Clara and across California who are dealing with this should not hesitate to stand up for their rights.

A Wyoming woman who used to work as an office manager for the Albany County Attorney's Office recently filed a lawsuit against a former prosecutor over allegations of wrongful dismissal. In her lawsuit, the woman claims that she was let go because she was a whistleblower and she is reportedly seeking over $488,000.

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